Give the opportunity of education for children in Gaza-Palestine

As a result of the war in Gaza-Palestine, children became not able to get their right in education. Lots of their schools were destroyed, and the remaining schools are full of displaced people, their education programs stopped since October 2023

Situation of education for kids in Palestine, Gaza now is catastrophic. No tools are available to help them continue in their education

As a starting step, we are going to build and distribute educational mobile Apps to act as an alternative of the traditional classes and teachers, because teachers in Gaza are displaced now and not teaching, lots of schools were destroyed (as Aljazeera news agency reported), and the remaining schools are full of displaced people

Our ultimate goal is to reach $30,000 as a total cost of the project, but we will start as soon as the minimum funding target is reached which is $15,000

JABALIA, GAZA – DECEMBER 12: A view of destroyed UNRWA Palestinian School following Israeli attacks hit Jabalia Camp in Jabalia, Gaza on December 12, 2023. The school, where thousands of displaced Palestinians took refuge, has become unusable. ( Mahmoud Sabbah – Anadolu Agency )

Please help as soon as possible by your funds to make the development team be able to develop these Apps

This fundraiser will be a first stage which will include developing Apps in mathematics and English language, we will target ages in the primary educational levels. Science Apps will be included in another fundraiser for the second stage

Our experience in App development is professional and we have the ability to build such Apps in short times with high quality (we already developed many similar Apps)

Examples on our previous projects 👇

The developed Apps by your funds will be customized with respect to the Palestinian curriculum for Gaza children and will regard usability and self learning features

A sponsored ads will be run also by your funds to make parents in Gaza discover the links to download these Apps and support their children with this kind of online learning.Apps will be developed to run without internet, they should be download for the first time only

There are lots of fundraiser campaigns for Gaza, but all of them are for food and relief. Our fundraiser is for education because this is our message in the world

Your help will add an outstanding step to support education in our beautiful world. Kids in Gaza-Palestine are waiting for your help to continue their education

Thank You for help 🙏